Your real estate agent Cologne - to the left of the Rhine and Rhein-Erft-Kreis.


The trademark of qualified real estate brokers, administrators and experts.

Your expert for rental + management of free hold flats.

You want to buy, sell or rent a property in the city of Cologne
or in the surrounding area?

HANSCH IMMOBILIEN IVD is your real estate broker in Cologne and expert for the Rhein-Erft-Kreis. We sell , rent , manage and evaluate houses and flats in Brühl, Pulheim, Hürth ... Cologne with perfection and passion. 

With HiPRO-IMMO ® you get a high quality as well as a perfect service. For this engagement we have received several awards from our clients as their best real estate broker. 

Quality by HiPRO-IMMO® means 
Reliability, creativity, innovative workflow, perfection in detail as well as a high degree of service quality. 

Hansch Real Estate IVD company group 
is your real estate expert for sale, your housing broker, as well as your property manager and expert when it comes to the efficient marketing and reliable care of your property.

Best regards,

Your Hansch Immobilien Team, Cologne

On the following pages we present a short summary of our German company site. Targeted for our tenants, our clients and foreign investors.

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